Quality vacation or dream telecommuting

Premium Resorts’ gorgeous villas are located in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish nature. Full-service accommodations are suitable for both a refreshing holiday destination and a stress-free telecommuting environment.

The past year has not been easy for companies providing conference services. Premium Resorts Oy, which offers first-class villa services to corporate and private customers, entered the market as the most challenging of the times, but the high-quality product still found ways to survive despite external conditions. Originally launched especially for corporate meeting and recreational use, the villa services have also found private customers who appreciate luxury and ease.

“We build, sell and rent quality holiday resorts where services and nature are close to people. A vacation is easy when you can focus on the essentials. On the other hand, you can quickly break away from work when there is a sensitizing nature outside the door with numerous hobby opportunities,” describes Jarno Purtsi, CEO of Premium Resorts.

Purtsi knows what he is talking about. Over the past year, he has even taken care of his own remote meetings even from the ski slopes.

The facilities and environment of modern villas are propitious to the optimal combination of work and leisure. During the golden age of teleworking, some companies have started renting villas for several years for the recreational use of employees.

“I would call this a teleworking destination of dreams, which is guaranteed to provide power for coping at work,” says Purtsi from Premium Resorts Vierumäki destination.

From the ski slopes or golf course, it is nice to take a dip in the hot tub and admire the sky full of stars. Of course, there is no need to take care of the cleaning or cooking, as the food is also delivered to the villa door if the customer wishes. If, on the other hand, work or sports have caused the body to get sore, you can invite a sports masseur help.

New destinations in sight

Premium Resorts’ first high-quality, Finnish-made log houses are located in Vierumäki in the middle of outdoor terrain, wellness services and golf courses. The stylish log villas with good transport connections have also attracted families for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“The effect of landscape change on daily recovery should not be underestimated. The importance of the peace of nature and the detachment from home to well-being is enormous, especially now that for a large proportion of people, days are spent within the same walls in urban conditions. The refreshing nature does its job and lowers stress levels here quickly,” Purtsi recalls.

Alongside the Vierumäki villas, new dream destinations are planned in the marine environment in Loviisa and in Ruka near the ski center. Holiday shares will also be on sale for those looking for easy cottage living or an investment.

“We have made buying and renting properties as simple as possible. Buying a holiday share can be both an investment in one’s own well-being and a profitable investment. We take care of everything related to the lease,” Purtsi says.

Safe vacation

Premium Resorts has responded to the pandemic situation by investing in a digital booking process where every encounter between people is avoidable. The customer will receive the key to the cottage with the welcome message. The key will be activated once the booking fee has been paid and the booking begins. “In our brand new cottages in the middle of pure nature, it is safe to visit even during a pandemic. Our customer management system allows you to visit the villa in complete peace of mind and without any contact with other customers or staff,” Purtsi promises.


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